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Aeon for Ocean's Stencil event at EIRA

Why Ocean

Oceans are important to life on Earth. Oceans cover three-quarters of the planet and have about 97% of the planet's water, giving earth the name "Blue Planet".

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Krill to Whale (K2W)

Interested in becoming a Krill and making a difference? Join me in spreading the knowledge about marine creatures and help save the oceans and our planet.

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Take Action

Our life depends on ocean and ocean depends on us no matter where we live! We can make a big difference by taking small steps towards healthy ocean.

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Common Sense Plastic

Everywhere we look, we can see the usage of plastic in one way or another. This is a huge problem and there is no easy solution to this problem. The reality is that ...

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Our Story

Aeon for Ocean was founded by Aeon, a 7-year-old from Minnesota, to empower his peers to protect the ocean and this beautiful planet. Aeon has been passionate about marine life since he was 2 years old, and he is an avid advocate for the ocean and its creatures. His love of the World Ocean and his drive for conservation have inspired his parents and classmates alike. Read more...

Voice of our Krill2Whale (K2W) Ambassadors

"I moved to Minnesota in June from Albuquerque, NM, where I was part of a group called the Global Warming Express and worked on climate change issues. When my mom took me to an Aeon for Ocean trash clean-up here in MN and heard about the Krill to Whale program, I immediately decided to join. I am passionate about protecting animals, plants, and all living beings and is very excited to be a part of Aeon for Ocean!"  - Emily Christopher

"It sounded fun! And I wanted to share and create awareness with others about the ocean and why we should protect it. I hope this will create awareness so people won't litter and we start cleaning up the ocean. The ocean is important for life - food source, fun activities, and transportation!"  - Griffin Davis

"I want to spread the message of why it is bad to throw garbage in the Ocean. With my Spanish I can reach other kids who speak Spanish or are learning Spanish."  - Maya Cussler

"I thought what is Aeon doing is pretty cool, so I decided to join him."   - Myrah Bhogaraju

"I think that oceans are improtant. We should protect them."   - Eira Bhogaraju

"I wanted to join because I love helping animals and the Earth. One of my favorite things to do is help the ocean."   - Hans Schmalstieg

"I joined because I want to help ocean and all the animals and all the coral reefs that live in the ocean from pollution."   - Rihaan Vora