Krill to Whale Program

What is "Krill to Whale"?

Krill2Whale is a shared learning program focused on educating kids about marine life and oceans to achieve the following objectives:

  • Learn about marine eco-system, its importance and one's role in protecting it
  • Participate and promote activities to save our oceans from inland
  • Increase awareness about oceans by sharing knowledge in schools and communities

It is founded on recognizing the value in allowing young children to pass their knowledge and enthusiasm about marine creatures and our role in protecting them and their habitat along to their peers and members of their community.

Does your school or local community have what it takes to help protect the ocean for the future? Promote ocean conservation at your school or in your local community by becoming a Krill. Krill2Whale program will be a 30 to 45 minutes interactive presentation by me, a Krill (Aeon) in your school or library about oceans, marine creatures and its conservation and how it is key to human life.

Submit the form to request Krill2Whale presentation

Note: At this time we are offering Krill2Whale presentation in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. This program is offered free of cost.

Become a "K2W Ambassador"!

Are you passionate about saving the planet and the ocean for aeons? Would you like to educate others to make a difference? Join me in spreading the knowledge about marine creatures and help save the oceans and our planet. I am a "K2W Ambassador" because I want to help the ocean and all the creatures that live in it and around its shores.

We are reaching out to parents and schools to identify interested participant from Grade K to 12 to be 'K2W Ambassador', who will be

  • Interested in youth leadership, public speaking, etc.
  • Interested in STEM related opportunities/activities
  • Volunteering to offer "Krill to Whale" presentation at his/her school and community
  • Participating or promoting conservation initiatives like beach/park cleanups, recycle events etc.
Together we go further!