Know your Ocean Land to Ocean

Why should inland people think about the ocean and its conservation?

Oceans are needed for the air we breathe. Though far in-land from oceans, the major part of oxygen we breathe is from tiny ocean plants "Phytoplankton". The climate all over the earth is regulated by oceans. There are many other ways oceans help all living things on earth irrespective of where they live.

Our land and waterways are connected. Rain, snow and other precipitation is caused due to water evaporation from the ocean and lakes. As rain falls on the land, the water makes its way to rivers, lakes, and bays and back to the ocean. As it moves, the water carries with it dirt and soil from the land. So, what we do on the land effects the quality of water irrespective of where we live. To protect our oceans and planet, more commitment is needed from all of us around the globe and not just from people who live by the coast. As the human population increases day by day, actions on land contribute towards more pollution and have an increasing effect on our water quality.

Fertilizers, pesticides, motor oils, chemical cleaners, untreated or poorly treated sewage are some of the pollutants that included in land runoff.

There is a lot of awareness and good work being done around ocean and marine life conservation in coastal areas like California, Florida, Oregon, Washington etc., but to protect our oceans and planet, more work need to be done and commitment is needed from all of us around the globe and not just from people by the coast. There is not much focus, efforts or resources on marine life and ocean conversation in places that are far inland like Minnesota, Arkansas, Illinois etc., though majority of people inland travel to beach destinations for vacations.