"Thanks for helping educate our community about marine life conservation through Aeon for Ocean. Your effort will make a difference through educating people with presentation and organizing trash pickup days..."

- Erik Paulsen, Memmber of Congress

"It was very evident that the presenter was/is very educated in the topic. The presenter was very kind and respectful to all student responses. Students liked the video and song. For the kindergarten level, pictures are always helpful and allow for better understanding.
What a cool program you have started, Aeon! I can't wait to see the future of Aeon for Ocean!"

- Lisa Henchal, Primrose School of Eagan (Kindergarten)

"Aeon was clearly well prepared and presented the information in a kid-friendly and relevant way. I love, love, loved the "get up and dance" song - what a wonderful kinesthetic way to engage your audience - and a catchy song for them/us to remember.
From the moment Aeon said he was interested in presenting to the class, organizing and scheduling the time for it was a breeze. When he started the presentation by introducing himself and giving an overview of what he was going to cover, the students were rapt and engaged. We learned about the ocean, marine life, cool facts and why it was relevant for us, even in MN, to care about the ocean...and how e can help protect it. We listened, we danced, we learned...awesome!"

- Kamie Page, The Blake School (2nd Grade)

"Aeon did an incredible job responding to young children's answer to his questions by acknowledging them respectfully and then providing accurate information. We liked most about the presenter, Aeon's confidence and providing accessible ways for young children to engage in these efforts (i.e. recycle, not litter, etc.)"

- Christy Spencer, The Blake School (Kindergarten)

"Aeon was very knowledgeable! Students were very impressed :). He spoke clear and was easy to understand. Aeon was very prepared and good amount of time presenting. We loved it! Thanks."

- Jordan Christopulos, Seven Hills Preparatory Academy (3rd Grade)

"Loved the cool facts and getting the class involved and participating. They did a wonderful job and were great. The content was perfect for my class. It is great to learn from a peer and I loved how passionate they were about the content. Visuals were fantastic. Knowledgeable students and great lesson about the oceans."

- Celeste Wiederholt, Seven Hills Preparatory Academy (Kindergarten)

"The presenters were very enthusiastic. They did a very good job presenting and keeping the attention of pre-schoolers, which is not easy! We loved having the Krill to Whale program come into or classroom! The children talked about not throwing garbage into our second home (after presentation). Reduce, Reuse & Recycle is a 2 weeks lesson plan we will be doing this spring :)."

- Mary Brant, Mount Airy Head Start (Pre-K)

"We loved it, very good job! We loved the videos and when he asked questions to the audience. Please come back in April and do a Recycling presentation and also in the summer for a marine animal presentation."

- Teresa Krishnan, Rainbow Montessori Academy (Pre-K)