Endangered Species

What are Endangered Species?

Endangered species are animals or plants that are in danger of becoming extinct. Only small numbers of these animals are left alive, and the entire remaining population could die out if humans don't take steps to protect them and their habitats. Often, endangered species have become threatened because of pollution, climate change, hunting, or other human activities.

Most plants and animals play vital roles in their ecosystems, keeping their habitats in balance and adding to the beautiful variety of life on our planet. When species become extinct, this not only affects the oceans, but also has an impact on the overall health of the biosphere.

Fortunately, laws like the Endangered Animals Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act help protect these creatures and can save them from extinction. Governments and nonprofit organizations are also working to raise public awareness about the need to change human behaviors. Learning about endangered animals can both inspire us to protect them and help us understand how our lifestyle affects Earth's ecosystems.

Some of the endangered marine species that need help now are listed below: